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Follow your passion; it will lead you to your purpose.


Authenticity starts in the heart.


When I was little, fashion was my favourite. My mom learned to sew, and before that, my grandma. Mom used to make me one-of-a-kind outfits that I’d style with fun accessories, and top off with my perfectly coifed, frizzy, permed hair (I’m an 80’s baby, baby!).


After the outfit styling, came the photos. Using my mom’s old Nikon film camera, blankets for backdrops and even props - I’d invite my friends over for shoots. Cheesy poses with an umbrella in hand, against a blue velour blanket, wearing a Nike bucket hat? Or even better, offering endless treats as payment - getting my dog to sit for hours, perfectly posed with pillows. I thought it was so cool! I couldn’t wait for the photos to develop, which never turned out, because, like, FILM!

For the longest time, I felt so lost. Everyone around me seemed content doing the things society deems “normal” - nurse, teacher, finance, all the trades, all the things. I didn’t want to do ANY of them. I wanted to create fun outfits, take photos, and build runway shows - how the heck was I going to do those things where I was and not living in LA or NYC?!

At 26, I went to fashion school. It took me years to convince myself that what I felt most excited about, was more than a hobby I had in middle school. In the program, I learned everything from pattern drafting, fashion history & sewing, to accounting for business, marketing & retail planning. I graduated with big dreams of a fashion career, just like you see in the movies. I wanted to be behind a label, where I planned seasons in advance, hosted epic shows & meticulously mulled over every design detail, that my cult following would surely eat up! It didn’t happen quite like that.

I designed a few collections for local events & spent time meeting with pattern drafters, sourcing fabrics, & even worked alongside some major celebrity stylists in the US - I learned a lot during that time. I was feeling immense overwhelm. How would I make it all work? One day, while in LA on set with Anita Patrickson for an ad shoot, she gave me a piece of advice that really rang true. I was voicing concerns like “I don’t have access to showrooms & celebrities, manufacturing outlets or massive fabric centers like I would here, how can I do this?”. Her response was, “I think it’s about doing the best you can, from where you’re at.” She was right. Instead of being innovative and working with what I had, I had squished myself into a box that I couldn’t quite fit into and was frustrated.

I got home from those six months in LA & recentered.

In my little ol’ Canadian city, which boasts a population of fewer than 250k people, there are two very popular t-shirt brands, well-loved across North America - 22 Fresh & Ten Tree Apparel. Like, followers in the millions for a brand that started with a “simple” t-shirt. I could do that! A t-shirt? That’s universal and classic and something I can do right now, from where I am.

It started with a simple white tee & a peace sign, and it’s growing into something I never imagined it could be. A website, retail location, wholesale, event, podcasts and now courses. I’m simultaneously mind-blown and choking back tears as I type this.  

Lady Getz is so much more than a t-shirt brand. It’s just the beginning. I want you to have the same meaningful community that relates to something you’ve always loved. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. I believe that with every fibre of my being.


The ethos of my brand and community, is women creating a life they love, following their rebel souls and taking the road less travelled to a destination that may feel scary and lonely, maybe even judged and misunderstood. In fact, if you’re here, that’s probably you! 

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.

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